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Freight Information

Export: Unaccompanied units cannot enter the port more than 24 hours prior to departure. Unaccompanied units that are not due to travel within the 24-hour period will be turned away from the port and requested to return within the 24-hour timeframe.

Imports: All unaccompanied units that arrive by ferry, must be removed from the port within 24 hours.

Port Authority checks will be in place to ensure that the above procedures are adhered to.

Space is of the premium in the port as we transition through our masterplan, and we cannot facilitate trailer storage.

These mitigating measures will be enforced for a period of 6 – 8 weeks. Following that a review will be taken to see if the restrictions can be eased.

A reminder: That Rosslare Europort is open 24 / 7 for trailer collection.

We appreciate your understanding of this request.

Rosslare Europort Management

Rosslare Europort is a unique, innovative port that connects Ireland to the UK and Europe. Our strategic port location on the south east coast of Ireland and our diverse commodity expertise mean that we offer the best solution for importing and exporting goods from Ireland to the UK and Europe. We also provide the quickest and most efficient routes to market as Rosslare Europort is located just 90 minutes from both Dublin and Cork city centres and three hours to Belfast and other major cities.

Important Notice for Drivers

Truck Parking Facilities  

Effective 10th July 2023 there will be changes at the port to general access, parking, facilities and traffic routes over the next 26 months. For full details please open this Information Leaflet.

Freight Route Map

This map shows the freight routes and operators currently operating in and out of Rosslare Europort.

Roll on Roll Off

Rosslare Europort offers Roll On Roll Off services.

Trade Cars

The import and export of motor vehicles is one of the most important trades of the Port.  In excess of 25,000 vehicles per annum are handled by a Rosslare Europort.


The emerging market of servicing offshore wind farms in Ireland offers tremendous potential for further development of Rosslare Europort as an installation and servicing hub to the major players in the industry.  

Bulk Freight & Abnormal Loads

Rosslare Europort caters for bulk cargoes of various sizes and loads that exceed normal limits.

Port Facilities

There are a number of facilities available either at the port or locally. See our Facilities page for a full list and more information.

Cruise Lines

Here you will find information on Cruise Lines and Cruise Terminal Facilities at Rosslare Europort.

Shipping Services

For details on Ferry services available at Rosslare Europort please visit our Shipping services section.

Customs and Brexit

Here you will find information regarding imports, exports, non-EU declarations, the Department of Agriculture and Brexit

Rosslare Europort is a key gateway into and out of Ireland offering a range of facilites and services customised to your business needs. We are happy to discuss your business needs and tailor a solution to your requirements. Please contact our Commercial Manager to see how we can help your business now and into the future.