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Rosslare Europort Masterplan

We are working to transform Rosslare Europort, to improve your port and your facilities. While planning your trip please be aware that there are changes to the port layout and parking facilities. Please allow sufficient time before your departure to familiarise yourself of the changes. We apologise for the inconvenience during these essential works

Bulk Freight & Abmormal Loads

Rosslare Europort handles bulk cargo with considerable skill and precision. Wind turbines, timber logs and agricultural fertiliser are dealt with on a regular basis, as well as generators, steel, and other high, wide and heavy units. Apart from loading and discharging, Rosslare Europort can offer efficient and extensive storage area for breakbulk cargo assembly. 

We have a wide range of berthing options across our port, providing flexibility in size for vessel charter, our port is strategically located for future infrastructure projects. 

Abnormal Loads

Rosslare Europort has restrictions based on the shipping vessel limitations:

  • Height exceeding 4.8m
  • Width exceeding 3m
  • Length exceeding 18.75m
  • Weight exceeding 50 tonnes

Loads that exceed these limits can generally be accommodated through Rosslare Europort, providing advance approval has been obtained. Freight operators wishing to transport abnormal loads through the Port should supply details of their abnormal load to their ferry operator ahead of arrival.

Ferry operators will help confirm whether the load can be shipped and will seek Port approval for the abnormal load to enter the Port.

We are happy to discuss your business needs and tailor a solution to your requirements. Please contact ourCommercial Manager to see how we can help your business now and into the future.