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Rosslare Europort Masterplan

We are working to transform Rosslare Europort, to improve your port and your facilities. While planning your trip please be aware that there are changes to the port layout and parking facilities. Please allow sufficient time before your departure to familiarise yourself of the changes. We apologise for the inconvenience during these essential works


Rosslare Europort is an ideal port for the development of the offshore wind energy industry. Our port location is just 70 nautical miles from the proposed 8.6GW wind farm projects on the Irish Sea. Rosslare Europort has the expertise, knowledge, land and skills to facilitate the offshore wind industry having been involved in the early assembly of wind farms in recent years on the Irish Sea. 

A dedicated berth, coupled with secure compound space, gives our customers tremendous opportunity to use Rosslare Europort for assembly, maintenance, installation, servicing and as a storage hub. We offer both open and closed storage areas which can be used for onsite assembly. The sourcing of heavy transport and cranage can be arranged. Our new access road, surrounding land bank and quay facilities coupled with our previous experience in this sector offer the perfect platform for this industry into the future.

We are happy to discuss your business needs and tailor a solution to your requirements. Please contact ourCommercial Manager to see how we can help your business now and into the future.