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Rosslare Europort Access Road Works

The approach road to Rosslare Europort will have a stop/go system in place for six weeks from Monday 13th May 2024. See our News section for more information

Port Facilities

Rosslare Europort can provide and accommodate quay side facilities for all types of vessels and cargo. With a fully-skilled and highly-trained in-house team, Rosslare Europort can provide Mooring, Forklift and Tugmaster facilities. We can also cater for bunker barge and road tanker bunkering, while fresh water can also be taken on board. We currently have four flexible berths and also a two tier linkspan and adjustable ramps. Rosslare Europort is a congestion free port with the added benefit of being capable to provide land for short term trailer storage to the transport industry.

Berths and Linkspans

Rosslare Europort offers shipping companies the facilities and expertise to ensure all goods are handled smoothly and efficiently. Rosslare Europort have two-tier linkspans and quays up to 221 metres in length. Berth one and two are fitted with floating fenders while berth three is fitted with rubber fenders.


Bunkers are available for delivery on board by Road Tanker or by bunker barge. Both by Private Arrangement.

Forklift & Tractor Services

Agricultural Tractors for towage of machinery and mobile homes plus a 9t forklift


The port has 12 Kalmar and Terberg Tugmasters. All Tugmasters are capable of handling low-loaders with goose-neck attachments for handling MAFI type trailers

Mooring Gangs

All staff engaged in Mooring Operations receive Pier Safety Training in Mooring Operations and are an integral part of the stevedoring service provided.

Short-Term Storage

  • 300 unaccompanied trailer spaces available
  • Up to 2000 trade vehicles spaces available
  • Storage is available for logs and other Bulk Cargos on Fisherman's Quay

Weighbridge Operation

The Port is equipped with two Cab-High Weighbridges for all Freight Traffic over 7 tonnes.

Water Services

Fresh Water

Available on all Berths. Rate is approx. 25t per hour.

Underwater Services

Available from local diving contractors approved by the Harbour Master.