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Rosslare Europort Masterplan

We are working to transform Rosslare Europort, to improve your port and your facilities. While planning your trip please be aware that there are changes to the port layout and parking facilities. Please allow sufficient time before your departure to familiarise yourself of the changes. We apologise for the inconvenience during these essential works

Port Authority

Contractors & Access

This section contains information related to contractors, accessing the Port and Terms & Conditions and Byelaws of Rosslare Europort. For your convenience, we have listed the sections as follows:


Vehicle movement

These are examples of vehicle movements within Rosslare Europort, which may affect your access or work:

Maintenance activities

Contractors and Port staff may be engaged in works involving:

Driving in the Port


Working close to the quay edge should be treated as high risk when completing risk assessments.

Ships’ Berthing Operations

When you are working on or near quay edges which are close to shipping movements you should be aware of the following:

Consult with the Harbour Master or the Head of Operations Manager who will provide details of all shipping movements etc.


Contractors Pass

Visitors Pass

Obtaining a pass

 You must undertake the following:

Vehicle Pass

Quay Pass – If you need to bring a vehicle into the restricted area of Rosslare Europort to assist with works and the duration of the works is for an extended period, then you will be issued with a Quay Pass. This pass will remain valid for the duration of the project and will be issued by the company/ship requesting the work or the Harbour Master. 

Contractors Handbook

Contractors must obtain a Permit to Work before starting operations and hand it in at the end of each working day. This enables Rosslare Europort to monitor those contractors on or off site.


All contractors must comply with the following when working within the areas under the control of the Port Authority:



If you hear the fire alarm leave the building by the nearest exit and go to the appropriate Muster Point. This is indicated on the map supplied with the Permit to Work and is also defined on the Fire Action notices displayed within the building.

If you see a fire call emergency services (999) and the Harbour Master +353 (0)53 915 7921 or/and Duty Controller +353 (0)53 915 7929 to raise the alarm. Attack the fire with the appliances provided, only if safe and confident to do so.

Other Incidents

In the event of an incident a member of Rosslare Europort staff will issue directions for you to follow. You must obey these instructions for your own safety. If there is more than one operative in your group, then please stay together in order that you can be accounted for.

Please note - Where possible please make your work area safe before relocating so that you do not create a hazard for others.


Here you will find the Byelaws and Terms & Conditions for Rosslare Europort: 

Parameters of the Port

Rosslare Europort has four RoRo berths and one bulk berth. Below are the available operational parameters for each berth.

A watch is maintained by the VHF Station at Port Control base at Dunmore East, contactable 24 hours.  VHF Radio Channel 12

For further information please contact the Rosslare Europort Harbour Master.


Quay Length

Max Vessel Length

Max Draught


Berth One221 metres200 metres6.5 metresRoRo / Cruise / General
Berth Two214 metres195 metres6.5 metresRoRo / Cruise / General / Bulk
Berth Three186 metres160 metres6.5 metresRoRo / Cruise / General
Berth Four140 metres120 metres4.2 metresRoRo / Cruise / General
Fisherman's Quay150 metres130 metres4.2 metresBulk / General

Waste Management Plan

For further information on our current waste management plan, please see the link below.

Rosslare Europort - Port Waste Management Plan 2021/2022